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Hi y'all!
Weeks ago one of my friends came to me with an android tablet and a problem: He wanted to install Dropbox from Google Play. Easy task, isn't it? We couldn't have been more wrong.

I accepted the proposition and tried to help him. The first thing I looked at was the brand and model, and yoo-hoo this tablet had ICS so at first glance it didn't seem bad at all.
The tablet is made by a Spanish company. The weirdest thing when you go to their webpage is in their FAQ page:

¿Se puede instalar Android market?
Este equipo no tiene pre-instalado de fábrica Android market y no se puede instalar.

English Translation:
Can I install Android Market? (Android ?????, are you talking about "Google Play" or the previous "Google Market").
This equipment doesn't have Android Market preinstalled and you can't install it. (Why???????)

Le cambié la ROM y ahora quisiera reinstalar la original. ¿Me la podrían enviar?
Cualquier cambio de firmware o hardware sin autorización se considera manipulación por parte del cliente, o sea, fuera de garantía por manipulación.
La reparación y gastos de envío correrían por parte del cliente.

Again, the English translation:
I changed the ROM and I wanted to reinstall the OEM one. Can you send it to me?
Any firmware change without authorization (Who needs to authorize it????) is considered a customer manipulation and it is outside of the warranty.
The repair and courier expenses are charged to the customer.

Cooolll! So you can´t install another ROM, this is more or less normal. The worst part is you can't re-install the OEM rom cause they don't have it on their webpage, and plus, they want to charge you for something that you can do easily with other brands. (I checked another Spanish company of this kind of equipment. BQ for example, has good customer relationship and service).

And there are more Frequent Questions/Answers about the same. If you have a problem with your software we will charge you.

So, how could a company have a perverted model like this? I´m not asking about custom roms, I'm asking about having a process to recover your tablet from 0.

And there're more ...

I don't want to spend any more time talking about politics, user rights, etc. I want to explain to you what I tried, what worked and what didn't.

There aren't any drivers with the tablet, in their box or in the webpage of the maker. I tried to use the google usb driver that is included with the SDK, but first we needed to modify the android_winusb.ini file. This tablet has an VID = 2207 and PID 0010, we needed to include this on the [Google.NTx86] and [Google.NTamd64] sections:

;RockChip SDK
%CompositeAdbInterface% = USB_Install, USB\VID_2207&PID_0010

Then you can install the drivers (manually) through device manager:
Screen Shot 2013-05-07 at 1.37.01 PM

Screen Shot 2013-05-07 at 1.24.30 PM

So, do we have adb access after all? I can't have a correct ADB access, however I can use some commands well:
adb.exe getserial-no
This command works, but the very basic commands you want to use in order to customize your device don't work, like: push, pull or shell.
I get this error message:
error: protocol fault
I assume this error is because the drivers don't work properly.

I tried to use adb manually, after that I used a script I found that promised to "root" a similar model of the same brand. Failure. It caused this script to make the tablet totally unusable, no composite device exposed, nothing!

So I started to search about the tablet chipset (RockChip 2929), and surprise: there are dozens out there, and no one is the same. So every firmware I tried failed at boot, or had a different display driver, etc.

At this point of this story the only way to recover my tablet was to buy another one, dump it and recover the dump on my old tablet. No sooner said than done:
I used RKFlashtool and the instructions from this page http://www.ubuntuleon.com/2012/10/soporte-de-rktools-para-bq-pascal-2.html.

The first thing I did before dumping the flash was to inspect the first block of the Flash and see the parameters used at boot in the tablet:

MAGIC: 0x5041524B
ATAG: 0x60000800
KERNEL_IMG: 0x60408000
CMDLINE: console=ttyS1,115200n8n androidboot.console=ttyS1 init=/init initrd=0x62000000,0x800000 mtdparts=rk29xxnand:0x00002000@0x00002000(misc),0x00004000@0x00004000(kernel),0x00008000@0x00008000(boot),0x00008000@0x00010000(recovery),0x00100000@0x00018000(backup),0x0003a000@0x00118000(cache),0x00100000@0x00152000(userdata),0x00002000@0x00252000(kpanic),0x00100000@0x00254000(system),-@0x00354000(user)

With that, I dumped every piece of software that was on the rom. You can find these files here: https://mega.co.nz/#F!M10F1AgY!dajKFzuEuU59wq2LYWHm_w
I could make the dump from the new tablet, but unfortunately I couldn't recover the old tablet from it with the same software. In order to do that I used the RK29Update.exe you can find in the previous link, changing also the RK Loader.