Startup ideas


This week I sent my first project idea to the startup accelerator Wayra.

Lately I'm having a lot of possible new business ideas, but I'm not developing them into real possibilities.

I hope to have more time in the near future to read
“The Startup Owner´s Manual” by Steven Gary. I also want to follow his course at Udacity (How to Build a Startup). It's curious how at this point of my life there are no technical challenges that could scare me, and at the same time I feel a huge lack of knowledge about the other things that form part of a business.
Others books, like $100 Startup, have inspired me, but I need the last shove to make these ideas into a real business.

For anybody that is wondering about what idea I sent to Wayra. It is in a sentence this:
“Make a Google Play for Physibles”. I want to bring together the interests of the user community
that is growing around the desktop 3d printers (open source or not) and the designers.
There are several points to clarify, but it could work …