Arduino + Processing

After the last lecture I did at OSL, they proposed me to do more lectures about Arduino more in-depth or mixing it with other open source projects. So, following with the last lecture I did, we have: "Arduino + Processing" were Francisco Moreno, Jesús González and me try to explain how and why mix arduino with processing and what are the practical uses of this mix. Here are some screenshots of the presentation: The main subjects of this presentation are:

You can view the full presentation as always ... [slideshare id=7898567&doc=arduinoprocessing-110509131928-phpapp02] Thanks again to the “libre software office” of the UGR for this opportunity. I hope to do another one about Arduino + Android using "Amarino", but this one will be at least the next year. Of course you can download the presentation and the car game code.

UPDATE: The OSL has a note and pictures about the lecture.