IT Problem Solver For the last 13 years I have been creating, designing and making complex health technology projects a reality. I have the capacity to implement an architecture for almost every situation from the top to the bottom layer. My speciality is adapting any project which falls into my hands, lowering its CAPEX and OPEX while at the same time increasing its efficiency and flexibility.

I have managed a wild mix of technical arquitecture for many different projects. These range from thousands of machines working together across multiple geographical region to complex and distributed multimedia and digital signage systems, huge portals for internal clients, embedded and tailored Linux distributions for embedded systems, etc.

I am a crusader of Free Software and the Internet of Things with strong networking and cloud knowledge. I am passionate about integrating different technologies and visions in the quest for excellence.

Specialties: Arduino, Processing, Linux, Gentoo, Solaris, KVM, LXC, System administration, IT Healthcare projects, Agile, OpenStack, EC2, S3, Python, Bash, LFS, ZFS, FC, SAN, SDN, Open VSwitch, CrossCompiling, Embedded …

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